Archive of old releases

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Version Download Unity Version Release Date
0.2.5 GOTO Studio Unity Package
  • CHANGE: When dragging an object to object value field, don't hide self into a submenu.
  • FIX: Assigning a sequence asset to a logic player will make sequence variables editable.
2018.1.3+ 2018-10-31
0.2.4 GOTO Studio Unity Package
  • FIX: Removed dependency on a specific version of Newtonsoft.Json. Any version >= 4.5.7 will work.
  • FIX: Creating a new variable from the sequence action inspector will no longer create noneditable variables.
  • FIX: New variable popup for sequence action inspector is no longer misplaced in multi-monitor setups.
  • FIX: When canceling (closing) the new variable creation popup, the window focus is reset correctly and editor windows are not stuck in place.
  • FIX: Variable selection lists will now show inherited types too.
2018.1.3+ 2018-10-10
0.2.3 GOTO Studio Unity Package
  • NEW: Ability to signin with Google account or skip signin for later.
  • FIX: Selecting read-only or write-only property for variable will no longer break.
2018.1.3+ 2018-10-03
0.2.2 GOTO Studio Unity Package
  • NEW: New special Any node for easy event handling.
  • NEW: New tutorial Cubewalk to demonstrate interruption and Any node.
  • FIX: Node playback visualization works while going through multiple nodes on single frame.
2018.1.3+ 2018-09-26
0.2.1h2 GOTO Studio Unity Package
  • FIX: Fix error when selecting a player in the graph editor window.
  • FIX: Fix folding of foldable properties on Actions and Comparers.
2018.1.3+ 2018-09-20
0.2.1 GOTO Studio Unity Package
  • NEW: Action sequences are interruptible. Action sequence will execute the entire action list on interruption (OnStart/OnFinish calls).
  • NEW: Comparer block now has a flag to allow the node to exit before all actions have completed.
  • NEW: Action now has an OnFinish method called when either SetFinished is called or the action is interrupted.
  • CHANGE: Action Perform method renamed to OnStart.
  • CHANGE: Actions will run immediately after moving to a new graph node - without a one frame delay.
  • CHANGE: Graph editor grid size has changed. Some nodes of existing graphs might be misplaced.
2018.1.3+ 2018-09-19
0.2.0 GOTO Studio Unity Package
  • NEW: OnExit callback for all comparers in currently active node.
  • CHANGE: Minor scripting API changes to unify the code style.
  • CHANGE: Entering public beta. No invite codes required anymore.
  • TWEAK: Graph entry/exit node sizes more aligned with other nodes.
  • FIX: Graph editor window zoom & pan now persists when entering play mode.
  • FIX: Creating new node via drawing connection is placed correctly.
2018.1.3+ 2018-09-14
0.1.5 GOTO Studio Unity Package
  • CHANGE: Toggle action will only support Object references and not bool.
  • CHANGE: Destroy and Toggle actions are changed back to using Value fields.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Multiple Logic Player components on a single GameObject is now supported by graph editor window.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Graph editor window communicates when it is connected to a Logic Player via it's header label.
  • FIX: Drag'n'drop to newly created Variable will not cause null errors.
  • FIX: Drag'n'drop to Value fields will now do the expected thing for both graphs and sequences.
  • FIX: Animate action with blank Variables will not break.
2018.1.3+ 2018-09-07
0.1.4 GOTO Studio Unity Package
  • NEW: License server changed. Previous versions of GOTO Studio will not connect anymore.
  • FIX: Logic graph scale will not change when adding new node output for the first time.
  • FIX: Logic graph connections will not disappear on looped nodes without entry connections.
  • FIX: Prevent Logic graph changes in play mode.
2018.1.3+ 2018-08-31
Legacy GOTO Studio Unity Package

  • NEW: New Logic Graph visual design.
  • FIX: Logic Graph variables can now be added by dragging an object onto the variable list.
  • FIX: Logic Graph editor will not break if the asset is deleted.
  • FIX: Logic Graph editor now supports high DPI.
  • FIX: Fixed library initialization issues which caused license and global variable lists to reset on script reload, Unity reboot or Unity version upgrade.
  • FIX: Fixed a rare case of an empty window showing up on launch.
  • FIX: Logic Graph settings are now stored per project.
2018.1.3+ 2018-08-24
Legacy GOTO Studio Unity Package

  • NEW: Enabling/disabling variable override will retain its previous value if it was a property.
  • NEW: Read-only properties are marked explicitly in dropdown menus. Logic system will not crash when trying to set those properties.
  • FIX: Opening Unity with the Logic Graph editor window snapped in the layout will not crash.
  • FIX: Added missing menu item to open the Logic Graph editor.
  • FIX: Multiply action type name now matches script name.
  • FIX: Adding a variable to a sequence variable list will immediately override it and make it editable.
  • FIX: Fixed bug which prevented logic graph connections from being removed.
  • FIX: Creating variable via dragging GameObject to logic graph variable list will work for the first try.
2018.1.3+ 2018-08-17
Legacy GOTO Studio Unity Package

  • Added the Logic framework.
2018.1.3+ 2018-08-10
Legacy GOTO Studio Unity Package

  • Initial release.
2018.1.3+ 2018-06-30