Logic - Overview

This document gives you the overview for creating logic with the GOTO Logic system. More detailed information can be found in the other documents, tutorials and scripting reference.

Comparer & Action

Simplest form of logic is a single comparer & action pair.

  • If X is true, do a thing Y.

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Condition & Sequence

It is also possible to stack these logic blocks.

  • When stacked, comparers form a condition.
  • When stacked, actions form a sequence.

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Logic is nothing without data. Data flows in and out of logic through variables.

Variable has double meaning. It can be a final storage or pass-through.

Access to scene objects always happens via variable, however access to assets can be direct.

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Putting It All Together

Here is a logic graph that uses the basic features.

If a global score is bigger than 500, a dragon is instantiated in the position of a Transform in a scene.

The comparer compares global variable (Score) into a constant (500).

The action instantiates asset (Dragon.prefab) to a position defined by a variable (Spawnpos). The variable itself is pass-through and is connected to a Transform components .position property.

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